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Hello, friends!

Just a quick word here about Come, Sit, Stay. I think I've written about 18 or 20 books over the years, a number of them in collaboration with my great friend and mentor, the late Chuck Colson, as well as hilarious and courageous characters like Mary Beth Chapman, wife of Steven Curtis Chapman, pastor Greg Laurie, Denise Jackson (wife of country music superstar Alan Jackson), former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore, and others.

I love collaborative writing and getting inside other people's stories . . . but I try to vary my writing diet with books of my own, because though I don't have a large platform like some of the friends I've just mentioned, I do have stories to tell. Just like you.

Come, Sit, Stay started on a sunny day when I was walking the beach, consumed by a besetting problem. It was a burden I had carried for some time, and as I walked the gorgeous beach, suffice it to say I did not feel gorgeous inside. I felt like a dog worrying over a long-gnawed bone.

Jesus' words from Matthew 11:28 came to mind: "Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Yes, yes, I've heard that a million times. Right.

But as I actually chewed on the Word, instead of my worry, I began to discover a whole new dimension of rest that I had not known before. That epiphany--which, by the way, continued even after I returned from the beach to the chaos of my teenager-filled domestic life back at home--led to the exploration that became this new book.

That's the great thing about being a writer, you get to explore the things you are most curious about. What the heck does it really mean to come to Jesus . . . tosit with Him . . . to stay with Him?

These are actually radical, countercultural concepts, as we live in a world that spins on hurry, movement, multitasking, competing technologies that often mitigate against real relationships, and the occasional assumption that even our relationship with God Himself can be downloaded in some instant way while we drive, dry our hair, or surf the Internet. Many of us have developed Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder. We know little of the stillness of sitting with God. It terrifies us . . . if I sit, I won't get anything DONE!!!!

But there is radical treasure to be discovered here, and I believe the simple concepts of coming, sitting, and staying are the keys to finding a rich, new way of living and loving God. And please don't worry that this book tortuously strains the dog metaphors to make spiritual points. It doesn't. I didn't want to get cheesy.

So, blessings to all, feel free to order hundreds of copies of the book for all your friends--just kidding, but not really–and thanks for taking the time to read this!

--Ellen Vaughn.